Bosch Smart Cities: Improving quality of life 2018

Bosch is transforming the cities of the future into vibrant, attractive, and sustainable places.
These connected cities are interactive places where everyday life is easy and efficient and where people are in tune with each other and their city. We provide connected solutions, devices, and information for people in the city. Working with city stakeholders and partners, we strive to simplify urban mobility, enhance safety and security, optimize the use of resources, and support citizen participation.Find out more:

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A ‘smart city’ is one which utilizes intelligent and networked technologies to support us in daily life. They enable us to save time, utilize new forms of mobility, and breathe cleaner air. In a nutshell, the technologies at the center of a smart city work to improve general quality of life for its inhabitants. Fewer traffic jams, intelligent homes, and an energy-efficient use of buildings are just a few tangible benefits.

While connected cities are already a reality in many places, Bosch’s broad range of intelligent solutions teach our cities to think in even more helpful and relevant ways. It’s a reality worth considering; by the year 2050 at the latest, 60 per cent of the human race will be living in cities. Discover more facts about smart cities here:


“Every 16 months, a city’s population exceeds the ten-million-threshold, making it a megacity. As a result, urbanization creates challenges which must be overcome to uphold quality of life standards. The city of the future will be technologically smart and connected, so urban living spaces can be cleaner, safer, and less stressful to live in.”



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