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The electric trucks from Mercedes-Benz are now supplying Hamburg's supermarkets

The electric trucks from Mercedes-Benz are now supplying Hamburg's supermarkets

[20.10.2018] Hamburg supermarkets will be supplied electrically from now on, because Mercedes-Benz Trucks has delivered another eActros electric truck to Meyer-Logistik.

From now on, Hamburg supermarkets will be supplied with electricity: Mercedes-Benz Trucks hands over eActros to Meyer-Logistik Hamburg supermarkets receive deliveries now: Mercedes-Benz Trucks hands over eActros to Meyer logistics Source: Mercedes-Benz
From now on, Hamburg supermarkets will be supplied with electricity: Mercedes-Benz Trucks will hand over eActros to Meyer-Logistik
Mercedes-Benz Trucks Hand over eActros to Meyer Logistics
Source: Mercedes-Benz

In order to make the air cleaner in the cities, not only electric cars should be used there, but also the delivery traffic should be electrified.

Mercedes-Benz Trucks has handed over another fully electric eActros to a customer for field testing: to Meyer-Logistik. Based in Friedrichsdorf, Germany, the company is now testing a 25-ton truck with cooling system for transporting temperature-controlled food from the warehouse to various supermarket branches in the center of Hamburg for one year. The weight of the transported goods is up to 10 tons. The entire daily section is about 100 kilometers long and is initially driven by a single-shift operation by a driver. No charging is required between journeys, as the range of the eActro is up to 200 km. The transfer of the vehicle to Meyer-Logistik took place this Thursday at a warehouse location of a large German supermarket chain in Stelle near Hamburg.

Meyer-Logistik has a total of 20 customers from various industries who integrate the heavy electric truck into their fleet. The customers each use a close-to-production 18- or 25-tonner in normal operation and test it for its everyday suitability. The goal is to realize locally emission-free and quiet driving in cities from the year 2021 on even heavy-duty production trucks – and on an economic level at the same level as diesel trucks. The test series is divided into two phases, each with ten customers, and lasts about two years in total.

The first eActros of the so-called “Innovation Fleet” has been in operation with a customer in the field since September, the second handover took place at the beginning of October. The other vehicle handovers of the first phase are completed by the end of the year. All test customers transport goods in city traffic and use the eActros for tasks that would otherwise be done with conventional diesel drives – but in completely different industries and categories. The palette ranges from foodstuffs to building materials and materials. In the case of the superstructures, the variants range from refrigerated cases and dry boxes to silos or tarpaulins.

Practical tests are an important milestone on the way to the series product

Oliver Kraft (Head of Corporate Customer Management Mercedes-Benz Trucks Germany) says:

“The practical tests with the eActros are an important milestone on our way to the series product. Each customer makes a valuable contribution to the further development to series maturity by testing the eActros in a very special field of application in the regular operational routine. Our experts are available to customers around the clock. In the run-up, we have already advised the customers intensively. Together with them, we defined their individual requirements, determined the corresponding variant of the eActro and clarified questions about the necessary infrastructure. Before the tests began, our experts also provided extensive training for the drivers and dispatchers of the customers. ”

“We are pleased that Meyer-Logistik as a long-standing customer is now testing the eActros as a further test participant and are looking forward to many interesting findings.”

Meyer-Logistik: alternative drive concepts important element

Matthias Strehl (Managing Director of Meyer-Logistik) explains:

“As a company that supplies groceries to conurbations on a daily basis, we want to keep the impact of our work on people and the environment as low as possible. The use of alternative drive concepts has therefore long been an important component of our corporate strategy. In this respect we are looking forward to testing the eActros in Hamburg. From our point of view, e-trucks are perfect for delivery in the last mile – for example to supermarkets. Because they drive on-site emission-free and are very quiet, so residents are relieved several times. “

Cooling box with electric cooling unit from Schmitz Cargobull

The refrigerated change case of the eActros used by Meyer-Logistik is the model “W.KO COOL” by Schmitz Cargobull. It has optimized insulation for the energy-efficient transport of refrigerated goods. The robust construction is ideal for intensive daily use. The purely electrically operated cooling unit operates completely emission-free and is designed specifically for use in distribution traffic. “The topic of electromobility for commercial vehicles has great significance and also opens up opportunities. We use these with our cooling unit, “says Jörg Irsfeld, Head of IKAM Schmitz Cargobull.

The eActros: Fully electric-powered architecture

The framework of the Mercedes-Benz Actros serves as the basis for the eActros. In addition, the eActros is a fully electric-powered architecture with a high percentage of specific parts. For example, the drive axle is based on the ZF AVE 130, which has proven itself in hybrid and fuel cell buses from Mercedes-Benz and has now been significantly revised for the eActros. The drive takes place via two electric motors near the hubs of the rear axle. Their power is 126 kW each, the maximum torque 485 Nm each. After translation, 11,000 Nm each will be used. The performance is thus equal to that of a diesel truck. The maximum permissible axle load is the usual 11.5 tonnes. The energy comes from lithium-ion batteries with 240 kWh. Depending on the available charging power, they can be fully charged within two to eleven hours (at 150 or 20 kW).

Daimler commercial vehicles with a comprehensive electrical portfolio

Daimler has been gathering experience in electric trucks since 2010, and since last year has had its first mass-produced all-electric truck on the market and in the customer’s hands: the light Fuso eCanter truck. In the bus segment, the first Mercedes-Benz eCitaro will be delivered from the end of the year and put into practice in a so-called customer-oriented test drive. In the field of vans, the eVito has been available from Mercedes-Benz Vans since November 2017 and will be delivered soon. 2019 is followed by the eSprinter. The vehicles of Daimler Trucks, Daimler Buses and
Mercedes-Benz Vans thus cover all urban traffic with electric vehicles.

Funding in the project “Concept ELV²”

The development and testing of heavy duty electric trucks in distribution transport is being funded in various parts by the Federal Environment Ministry (BMUB) and the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) as part of the “Concept ELV²” project.

Via: Mercedes Benz

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