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BMW also wants to improve the air quality with electric mobility

BMW also wants to improve the air quality with electric mobility



The BMW Group has stood for sustainable mobility for many years and is investing heavily in innovative and efficient engines. The company was and is a pioneer both in the continuous reduction of emissions from internal combustion engines and in the consistent expansion of electromobility. The further improvement of air quality is therefore both a requirement and an obligation for the BMW Group.

BMW Welt - BMW Group skyscraper / corporate headquarters (02/2016). Source: BMW Group
BMW Welt – BMW Group skyscraper / corporate headquarters (02/2016).
Source: BMW Group

On the occasion of today's meeting of representatives of the German automotive industry and Federal Minister of Transport Andreas Scheuer, the BMW Group reaffirms its strategy for the sustainable improvement of urban air quality. In this context, hardware retrofits for BMW Group vehicles are still not a sensible option.

Klaus Fröhlich (Chief Development Officer of BMW AG) said after the meeting in Berlin:

"Retrofitting hardware – if anything – contributes far too late to improve air quality. Truly retrofit systems that are ready for series production will not be available until the end of 2021, even if the approval procedure is accelerated. Especially next year we have to quickly implement the fleet rejuvenation. Because this is – in addition to the already running software update – the only currently available measure with widespread impact. "

The Executive Board and the employee side of the BMW Group jointly contribute this package of measures. There is also agreement on hardware retrofitting for BMW Group vehicles.

Manfred Schoch (Chairman of the General Works Council of the BMW Group) explains:

"You can not go all over the same place just because it's politically opportune! Instead of endangering the jobs of those workers who have always produced clean diesel, the federal government should again pursue an active industrial policy. It must protect the environment but also safeguard people's wealth. Instead of investing in the past, we need a nationwide public charging infrastructure for electromobility. "

Harald Krüger (Chairman of the Board of Management of BMW AG) said:

"A hardware retrofit leads to more weight and higher consumption. Nor can progress in diesel technology be meaningfully transferred to vehicles developed years ago, which fully meet the EU's approval requirements, with a retrospective technical solution. "

The fact is: despite increasing traffic, the air in the cities is getting cleaner and cleaner. Statistics also show that nitrogen oxide emissions in Germany have halved over the past 15 years. Due to the growing share of Euro 6 vehicles in trucks and passenger cars, a further significant reduction in NOx emissions is expected over the next five years.

The BMW Group therefore consistently implements the following measures:

  • Fleet rejuvenation:
    The BMW Environmental Bonus + offers 6,000 euros for a BMW or MINI new vehicle. This applies to the eligible customers in the city concept who give their BMW or MINI Diesel in payment, in addition to the usual discounts. This measure has a quick and targeted effect in the most affected cities.
  • Voluntary software updates:
    Since September 2018, the BMW Group has implemented a software update based on the field experience of Euro 5 BMW and MINI diesel passenger cars.
  • Cities Fund "Sustainable Mobility":
    The BMW Group has participated in the "Sustainable Mobility" fund, which has received a total of € 1 billion from the federal government and industry. However, the money is not yet available to all cities and invested in ways to improve air quality – from power plants to city buses.
  • Expansion of electromobility:
    The expansion of electromobility is a key component of the BMW Group Corporate Strategy for Sustainable Mobility of the Future. For example, customers in the cities currently selected for special measures, including the state share of the environmental bonus, will receive up to € 10,000 if they replace their older BMW or MINI diesel model with, for example, a BMW i3 or an eligible plug-in hybrid car from the BMW Group.
  • Measures after 2020:
    Customers who continue to be banned from driving with their Euro 5 diesel after 2020 will support the BMW Group with measures to secure their mobility of up to € 3,000

Via: BMW

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