Chinese build 310-km electric car at a competitive price

Chinese build 310-km electric car at a competitive price

The Chinese manufacturer Great Wall Motors has introduced a new electric car compact car: the R1. The car offered under the new Stromer brand Ora is available in the People's Republic after deduction of subsidies for only 7,600 euros. Despite the fight price is more e-range offered than many established manufacturers.

The Ora R1 is based on Great Wall Motors' first self-developed electric car platform ME. With a charge of the 33 kWh battery used, 310 kilometers should be covered by the NEDC standard. To the classification: The visually recognizable as an example, at least 22,600 euros expensive Smart ForFour creates 155 kilometers. Renault battery city car ZOE offers around 200 kilometers from 21,900 euros.

The electric engine of the Ora R1 produces 35 kW (48 hp), with a maximum of 100 km / h. Buyers receive three years or 120,000 kilometers of warranty on the vehicle and eight years or 150,000 kilometers on core components such as the engine and battery. In addition, how lively the acceleration of the R1 and how high the consumption fails, makes the manufacturer still no information.

Great Wall Motors wants to sell its cars later in Europe, but it will take a few more years before the start in Germany. Whether in this country later the Ora R1 is sold, is not yet decided – for now, the model is available exclusively in China.

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