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Enercity is pushing ahead with the expansion of public charging stations for electric cars in Hanover

Enercity is pushing ahead with the expansion of public charging stations for electric cars in Hanover


[08.01.2019] In Hanover, one can recharge its electric car at more and more locations. Energy provider enercity AG alone intends to offer a total of 480 charging points in Hanover by 31 December 2020.

The Administrative Committee of the City of Hannover Council on Thursday, December 6, 2018, has decided on the concession for the establishment of public e-charging infrastructure. The decision was unanimously passed to the local enercity AG within the scope of a Europe-wide award procedure. It undertakes to set up and operate public charging facilities with a total of 480 charging points in Hanover until 31 December 2020.

Source: enercity
Source: enercity

Stefan Schostok (Lord Mayor in Hanover) said:

"With this concession award, we are creating an important framework for making significant progress with the expansion of electromobility. This is a big step towards a nationwide offer for the entire city. We are pleased to have found a powerful partner for this project. "

Dr. Susanna Zapreva (enercity CEO) adds:

"Based on this agreement, we will build one of the densest public or semi-public retail networks in Germany in just two years. Starting next year, a new charging point will be created on average every working day in Hanover. "" In order to find suitable locations for the charging stations, we are taking innovative approaches. In addition to the digital, data-based analysis, we also particularly involve the inhabitants of Hanover in the search for a location. "

The contract regulates an even distribution of the charging infrastructure in Hanover. Each of the 13 districts is to get at least two charging stations and in each of the 51 districts at least one station is desired. The total of 480 public charging points (240 stations), which will run until 31 December 2020, will be powered exclusively by green electricity to ensure climate-friendly e-mobility. This includes fast charging points with at least 50 kilowatt charging power. Currently, 30 such charging points are planned for 2020.

Enercity AG is investing several million in the mobility turnaround infrastructure by 2020 and has already secured federal funding promises for more than 750 charging points (beyond the city limits) in advance. Tariff design in public space provides consumption-based and time-based components. Customers benefit from a transparent and fair pricing structure.

Since 2010, the company has gained experience in the construction and operation of electric charging stations. By December 2018, enercity has already put 49 charging points into operation and, as part of its sales activities, has sold another 200 charging points to commercial and private customers, who are already operating parts of their vehicle fleets and private electric vehicles.

Background information of the state capital Hannover

In order to award a license for the publicly available charging infrastructure for electric vehicles in Hanover, the state capital has carried out a Europe-wide procurement procedure in the form of a so-called negotiated procedure with a notice (consisting of an entry contest, an indicative bidding phase, bidding negotiations and a final bidding phase).

Enercity AG fulfilled all the criteria of the competition in addition to other applicants. Essential prerequisites were the economic efficiency and reliability as well as the experience in the operation of publicly accessible charging infrastructure. Particularly convincing was the concept of involving the inhabitants of Hanover in the location fixing for the charging station.

Already the offer of the enercity AG contained a well elaborated and coherent bidder concept, which convinced in particular with regard to the previously announced evaluation criteria and the preliminary location planning. In the subsequent negotiation and the final offer, the positions were further clarified.

The contract for the construction and operation of publicly accessible charging facilities, which underlies the final offer of enercity AG, fulfills, among other things, the following key points:

  • The expansion to 480 charging points in Hanover should take place by December 31, 2020, whereby 50 percent have already been implemented a year before.
  • Places with high visitor numbers are served as well as a proven need of the population.
  • · The word picture mark "Hannover stromert" is visible on all charging devices operated under the license. The design of the charging stations corresponds to the specifications of urban design in terms of color.

Suitable vehicles

Electric car Renault Twizy

Electric car Renault Twizy

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