2019 Suzuki Jimny Lowering Springs from H & R

2019 Suzuki Jimny Lowering Springs from H & R

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About Suzuki Jimny Tuning I had already written a post, now it goes straight ahead. The Suzuki Jimny GJ is and remains a genuine Offroader. Probably the last of its kind, because while most SUVs say goodbye to luxury, with the Suzuki Jimny you can venture into the area. The Jimny GJ is still so cheap that it is not even difficult. As we could already see there is also another use for the Suzuki Jimny, namely as a lifestyle vehicle.

If you do not want to drive the Jimny off-road anyway, you can make it easier to get started and improve handling. As? By lowering the vehicle and thus the center of gravity. This works e.g. by lowering springs. H & R now has Suzuki Jimny lowering springs with a lowering of 45 mm on offer. Also in combination with reasonable Koni (Heavy Track) shock absorbers.

Why should you lower a SUV? Why do you do that?

Because you can, because it works and because we should stop arguing about taste. Personally, I would also deepen my "Suzuki Jimny". He would not see any terrain with me, not even a dirt road. Due to the lower center of gravity, I would hope for a better driving experience. If this is really the case, then in the future, the first experience reports show, but on paved roads, the lowered Jimny GJ would now be better off than with the standard suspension.

In addition to the foiling, the Suzuki Jimny lowering springs, the rims and the Grobstollenreifen adorned the H & R Jimny still the LED Lightbar.

At the moment there are not too many rims for the Suzuki Jimny GJ in the aftermarket, but that will change sooner or later. The problem is likely to be the bolt circle. 5 × 139.7 with a hub bore of 108.4. That is quite rare. But will come, I'm pretty sure! The rims on the promotional vehicle have been custom-made by Borbet. Series production not yet clarified.

I'm looking for a lift kit for the Suzuki Jimny GJ!

That too will come, that's as safe as amen in church or ranting on the referee in the football stadium.

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