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Buyers can now build on their electric car VW e-Golf

Buyers can now build on their electric car VW e-Golf


[14.01.2019] In the Transparent Factory buyers of the electric car VW e-Golf can create by hand, so who is interested in the topic of electric mobility and wants to be at an important step, now has the opportunity to do so.

The electric car VW e-Golf on the Cebit.
The electric car VW e-Golf on the Cebit.

Buying a brand new car is still the best way to buy a car, because here everything is new, it smells fresh and you are the first driver of the car. Those who want to take part in the assembly of their electric cars will have the chance to do so at Volkswagen's Transparent Factory.

There are now three stations where the car can be mounted under supervision.

Arnd Meyer-Clasen (Head of Sales at Volkswagen):

"With us, customers can not only be there in the production of their car, but also lend a hand."

From now on, customers can get close to their e-Golf during production. You can accompany your future vehicle along the production line in the Transparent Factory in Dresden. Under the expert guidance of the Volkswagen employees, they can even be tackled at three stations – for example when installing the instrument panel. Other points of interest are the connection of powertrain and body ("wedding") and the installation of the radiator grille front. With the production support, the Transparent Factory of Volkswagen in Dresden is expanding its range of products around the electric mobility experience.

Arnd Meyer-Clasen (Head of Sales at Volkswagen):

"The Transparent Factory is the showcase of electromobility at Volkswagen. In addition to test drives, the configuration and delivery of the e-Golf, we now offer a special highlight with the production support. With us, customers can not only be there when making their car, but also lend a hand themselves. Electromobility at your fingertips: This experience is unique in the automotive world. "

The production support can be booked when ordering the e-Golf at the dealer. The appointments take place during the production time, Monday to Friday from 6 to 22 o'clock. The adventure package costs 390, – Euro. In addition to the production support, this includes inter-city transfers, a tour of the production and exhibition area, souvenir photos and a voucher worth 50, – Euro for a restaurant visit to the e-VITRUM.

Via: Volkswagen AG

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Symbolic picture. The electric car VW e-Golf has a range of up to 190 kilometers.

Electric car VW e-Golf

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