3 x Best Product – AXTON's ATC speaker tested

3 x Best Product - AXTON's ATC speaker tested

Speakers from AXTON have for many years been the epitome of good speakers at fair prices. With the ATC series of composite systems, AXTON is now launching its next generation of Speakers. The magazine Car & HiFi has extensively tested the ATC100 (10 cm), ATC165 (16.5 cm) and ATC200 (20 cm) in issue 2/2019. And the quality and performance of the new AXTONs is absolutely convincing: "Best chassis quality for money," say the testers, and this also applies to the latest ATC generation. "

"As always, the AXTON composites are calculated sharply," the journalists note right at the beginning of the test. "The new ATCs start at 100 euros for the ATC100 (10 cm) and the ATC 200 is also available for a slim 140 euros." But what about the more than fair prices, the quality and the performance?
The first impression of the new composite is, according to the testers, "very appealing", and the production quality is right. "No savings program," explains Car & HiFi, "but made great for the money." Starting with the "cleanly deburred metal plates" to the "full-fledged" 25 mm fabric holsters – AXTON's new loudspeakers are real "box office hits" for the specialist journalists.

Also in the measuring laboratory, the ATCs can score points all over the place. "They perform really well for money," say the renowned journalists. "The Hochtner air well above 20 kHz […]"and" the 200er and 165er woofer show a very good efficiency – especially for low-cost speakers an important virtue, because it supports the operation without power amplifier directly on the car radio. "
In the hearing test, the ATCs then really show what they can do: "Even with the soft tones, it becomes clear that music is not only performed as part of the entry-level class, but at an astonishingly high level," say the experienced testers. "There are great played natural instruments, saxophone or even a coated double bass make really fun." The customer review has been automatically translated from German.
"The chassis do not take it anymore to do more than just decent music (…) With them you can find really good sounding composites that make you forget the low prices."

"Best chassis quality for money, this also applies to the latest generation of ATC, which may make it difficult to find better speakers at these prices," Car & HiFi concludes, describing the ATC100, ATC165 and ATC200 as "Best Product " out.

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