Carnival: Per thousand in the car and on the bike – consumer information of the D.A.S. Leistungsservi

Carnival: Per thousand in the car and on the bike - consumer information of the D.A.S. Leistungsservi

For the carnival carnival a glass of beer or a glass of sparkling wine is usually included. But even in the fifth season applies: Who participates in the road traffic, must comply with the traffic rules – and not only in the car, but also in cycling. What needs to be considered, says Michaela Rassat, lawyer of D.A.S. Rechtsschutz Leistungs-GmbH (D.A.S. Leistungsservice), together.

Let the car stand better

If you are traveling by car to the carnival party, you should plan an alternative for the trip home. Because the danger is great, that the revelers break the valid alcohol limits. "Anyone who takes the drunk driving and exceeds the alcohol limits, must count on a Bugeld and points in Flensburg.Also, it may, depending on the per thousand value to a temporary ban on driving or withdrawal of the license," says Michaela Rassat. Drivers who are still in the probationary period and generally younger drivers under 21 must have 0.0 per mille in a single control. At up to 0.5 per thousand they threaten a Bugeld of 250 euros and a point in Flensburg. Higher values ​​- as experienced drivers license holders – also increase the sanctions. "If the young driver is still in the probationary period, this will be extended from two to four years and the driver will have to take part in a training seminar for driving novices (ASF)," said D.A.S. Expert. For all other drivers the limit of 0.5 per thousand applies. However, anyone who already shows alcohol-related deficiency symptoms and, for example, has a red traffic light, is punishable under the Penal Code from 0.3 per mille – regardless of age and probationary period. "

Also be careful when cycling

Drunk driving is not only dangerous but can be costly. Why not take the bike then? But even for cycling there is a blood alcohol limit: It comes from court rulings and is 1.6 percent, well above that of motorists. From this limit, cyclists are considered to be absolutely no-risk. Anyone who passes them therefore commits an offense. There is a threat of imprisonment or a fine of up to one year. If the person concerned has a driving license, he must expect the order of a medical-psychological examination (MPU). "If they fall through, they lose their driving license," explains Rassat. Cycling may prohibit the authorities for a certain period of time if there is a risk that the victim will get drunk on the bike again. As for motorists, however, also applies to cyclists: If the cyclist leads snake lines or shows other alcohol-related deficiencies, then it can already lead to criminal consequences from 0.3 per thousand. Because even from this seemingly low value, cyclists can have difficulty in properly setting distance and speed. And if other road users under the influence of alcohol endanger up to five years imprisonment or a corresponding fine. If in doubt, do not use the bike and take a taxi home.

Limits for pedestrians?

If the party is close by, the solution seems simple: Carnivalists just walk. "There are no alcohol limits for pedlars," says D.A.S. Expert. "As a rule, you do not have to worry about losing your driving license or getting points." However, those who are often heavily drugged as pedestrians, or who disregard traffic rules, must also expect consequences, including driving license withdrawal.
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