BMW Group opens new Technology Office in Tel Aviv

BMW Group opens new Technology Office in Tel Aviv

The development of autonomous driving is a race for ideas, systems and solutions. Numerous companies are working on the countless problems and issues that are connected with the highly complex task. The BMW Group alone conducts research at more than 20 locations in eight different countries in order to discover new trends and technologies as early as possible and, ideally, to participate in their discovery.

In addition to the existing Technology Offices in the USA, China, Japan and South Korea, another Technology Office will open in Tel Aviv in 2019. The city is considered to be the center of the Israeli startup scene, which is why an office for trend and technology scouting seems particularly useful here. Research collaborations with universities are also planned in order to promote the young talents of Tel Aviv while optimally benefiting from their abilities.

Klaus Fröhlich (Chief Development Officer of BMW AG): "Tel Aviv has one of the fastest growing startup scenes in the world – especially in the key future areas for us, such as autonomous driving or connectivity. The local presence gives us even faster access to relevant trends and technologies, be it founders or universities. "

Eli Cohen (Israeli Minister of Industry and Industry): "The smart mobility and transport sector is one of the fastest growing in the world. The opening of the BMW Group Technology Office in Israel is a sign of confidence in the innovative companies and the innovative ecosystem in Israel. The move is further proof that the state of Israel can and will play a key role in this new era of the automotive industry, with a strong focus on innovative technologies. "

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