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In Geneva, Nissan presents the e-Power drive system for electric cars

In Geneva, Nissan presents the e-Power drive system for electric cars

[05.03.2019] At the Geneva Motor Show, NissanNissan will be showcasing its e-power drive system for electric cars, which many will remember as a plug-in hybrid drive.

Electric drive Nissan e-Power System. Source: Nissan
Electric drive Nissan e-Power System. Source: Nissan

The innovative e-Power drive system from Nissan comes to Europe. The Japanese car manufacturer announced this today at the premiere of the IMQ Concept at the Geneva Motor Show (until 17 March 2019). The technology will be introduced to European markets by 2022.

In Japan, the e-power drive has made the Nissan Note the country's best-selling car. The system consists of an electric and a gasoline engine: While the electric motor drives the wheels, the petrol engine charges the battery. As a result, the e-Power system combines the direct and supple acceleration of an electric drive with outstanding fuel efficiency.

With the e-Power system, Nissan underlines its leadership in electrification. e-Power is one of a number of new technologies that Nissan is introducing in its vehicles over the next three years. By 2022, Nissan's electrified vehicle sales will increase fivefold and its share in Nissan will double that of the market average.

Roel de Vries in Geneva (Nissan's Corporate Vice President) said:

"Nissan is already the world leader in EV mass market technologies and an electrified Europe is in sight. With the e-Power system rolling into the streets of Europe within the next two years, we will be harnessing Nissan Intelligent Mobility for more customers and improving the quality of life. "

The IMQ unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show is an advanced technology and design concept, equipped with a four-wheel drive version of the e-Power system. The striking styling of the IMQ underscores Nissan's role as a pioneer in the crossover segment and shows how crossover models in Europe could look in the future.

The e-power system includes a gasoline engine, a generator, an inverter, a battery and an electric motor. The petrol engine charges only the battery and can therefore always be operated in the optimum range. This provides lower fuel consumption and emissions compared to a conventional combustor used as a propulsion engine.

Currently, Nissan offers the e-power system in Japan in the models Note and Serena. The Nissan Note accounts for more than 70 percent of sales with the e-Power version, and Serena accounts for almost half of the sales.

With approximately 400,000 units sold so far, the Nissan Leaf electric car is Nissan Leaf's global pioneer in electromobility. A new model variant – the LEAF e + with a larger battery and more range – will continue to drive demand for the world's best-selling electric car. This model version can be ordered from tomorrow (6th March) on the European customer websites of Nissan.

In addition, the company will launch the Nissan Energy ROAM portable and weatherproof energy storage system, which consists of used LEAF batteries, provides 700 Wh of storage capacity, and delivers 1 kW of power.

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