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Tesal lowers the prices of its electric cars by up to 25 percent

Tesal lowers the prices of its electric cars by up to 25 percent


[07.03.2019] The electric cars from Tesla are up to 25 percent cheaper, the price reduction reaches the company mainly by the fact that it closes many of its stores.

CeBit The electric car Tesla Model S P90D and the autopilot logo
CeBit The electric car Tesla Model S P90D and the autopilot logo

The US company Tesla has decided to close down many of its local stores, currently there are more than 300 Tesla stores worldwide. In the shops you could order the electric cars from Tesla or arrange a test drive.

But to save costs, it seems Elon Musk (CEO / CEO of Tesla) has decided to close down many of his businesses. This will allow the US company to cut prices for its Tesla Model S and Model X electric cars by up to 25 percent.

The electric car Tesla Model 3 costs only 35,000 US dollars

As a result of the price reductions, the purchase price of the Tesla Model 3 electric car will be reduced as well, which will only cost around 35,000 euros in the US.

The electric car Tesla Model S costs in the cheapest variant only 81,980, before the price reduction, it was 109,400 euros. The electric SUV Model X costs only 90,400 instead of the previous 115,980 euros.

What stores Tesla will close, is not yet known exactly. But one can assume that only the economically most successful ones will survive.

Customers have often bought the "cat in a poke" at Tesla

Especially in the car trade, it was natural for a long time before Tesla that you first completed a test drive and then ordered the new car from the car dealer.
Because in Germany, cars are often produced only when they have been ordered. So it may be that you had to wait for more than half a year on your dream vehicle.
Only those who have bought a year-old car or a car with a day registration, could take his car after a short time. In the US, such waiting times are rather less represented.

Tesla, however, has begun to reserve an electric car before it even goes on the market. The interested buyers then only have to pay a reservation fee, which will be charged with the purchase price – or if you withdraw from the reservation again gets refunded.

With the electric car Tesla Model 3, many interested parties had to wait for a long time before the reservation system was opened, most of the interested parties could only look at early photos and get the approximate technical data.

But those who order the Model 3, Model S or Model X, for example, only have to wait a few months before they can drive it.

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Suitable vehicles

Electric car Tesla Model 3. Image Source: Tesla Motors

Electric car Tesla Model 3

The electric car Tesla Model X by Tesla Motors. Source: Tesla Motors / Übergizsmo

Electric car Tesla Model X

Tesla Model S

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