Audi wants to build even more electric cars & hybrids



After the core brand VW, the Volkswagen subsidiary Audi has now announced an extension of their e-mobility plans: In 2025, around 30 Stromer are to be offered – a few months ago, there were still around 20 electrified models.

"Customers will move faster and more extensively to electric cars than we expected. This is also shown by the extremely positive response to the Audi e-tron as well as the Q4 e-tron concept, which we presented last week at the Geneva Motor Show. With the economies of scale of our group, we have crucial assets in our hands, "says company boss Bram Schot.

In the conversion of their model portfolio, the Ingolstadt intend to use much more potential synergies in the future Volkswagen Group – "such as the scaling of electric mobility through the jointly developed with Porsche premium architecture PPE and the Modular E-drive modular system (MEB) together with Volkswagen".

The current financial year is dominated by the electrification offensive. 2019 will be a transitional year for Audi due to numerous challenges. Deliveries are only expected to increase moderately. Above all, the manufacturer expects burdens to cope with the transition to the new WLTP driving cycle, high start-up costs, "massive advance payments for electromobility" and the increasingly difficult economic environment.

"We can not be satisfied with our performance. Audi has excellent products in the market, but in business terms, we did not pass WLTP as the ultimate stress test, "said Schot. "The Audians proved the right spirit in this difficult situation and brought out the best for Audi in 2018. With this spirit, we are now jointly tackling the restart at Audi. "

The Management Board will present the reorientation to the Annual General Meeting on May 23, 2019. "We are significantly increasing the pace of change because we have a double transformation to master," Schot said. The goal is to make Audi an "efficient, agile and stress-resistant organization" again. "In the technological and entrepreneurial upheaval of the industry" the company wanted to set standards. In the future, it will be "much more customer-oriented and less self-centered," "focusing on what matters most and implementing what is decided consistently and disciplined".

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