Counselor: So the oldie is spring ready

Counselor: So the oldie is spring ready


Every year the same basic question: Which battery clamp has to be the first one at the spring-fit of the classic car? Answers to this and similar problems have been compiled by the ADAC classics experts.

A little thought support for the battery connection: The temperatures are moving back in the plus range, so it's only the plus pole turn, then only the ground or minus pole. If the current transmitter is connected, a check of all functions follows. "Already a slight corrosion development on connectors and fuses can cause a surprising blackout," says the ADAC.

In principle, the engine oil and coolant level, fuel hoses and air pressure must be checked before the first exit. If the engine does not start or if it does not change into a smooth engine running even after the usual warm-up period, the machine should not be strained unnecessarily. "Further starting attempts are to be avoided, because unburned fuel can cause damage", so the ADAC.

The first braking maneuvers of the season require special attention. Flash rust on the brake discs and in the brake drums must first be abraded by careful braking.

And then the view of the HU badge is also advisable, in order to make the appointment for the next main investigation again in mind.

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