Counselor: The driver behind the wheel Mr. be

Counselor: The driver behind the wheel Mr. be


It is unhealthy, a real good-mood killer – and it also looks quite unpleasant: Who gets excited at the wheel malos on other road users, harms themselves the most and increases the risk of accidents significantly. Therefore, it makes sense to keep calm even in civic situations. But how?

Self-reflection is the first step to recovery. Corresponds to the own driving style of the road traffic regulations in constant caution and mutual consideration? "Of course, this principle applies even if the front man violated the traffic rules," says TV North psychologist Christian Mller. After all, everyone has a bad day. "Grozgig ignoring the mistakes of others proves character."

You should not even go for an obvious provocation: "Avoid eye contact and gestures, keep your distance, let go, do not call anyone to slow down, accelerate or dodge," the expert recommends. "Aggression is contagious, but anyone can decide freely whether to continue or break the chain."

In an experimental study, road users who had been struck by their aggressive driving style learned to relax with breathing and to look at things from another angle. After eight sessions, they became less and less violent. The effect lasted a year later.

Psychologist Mller rt: to take a break after frustration and anger, to breathe deeply and to move to relieve stress. "And remember, most importantly, to arrive safely at your destination."

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