Guide: Spring attracts motorcyclists on the road

Guide: Spring attracts motorcyclists on the road


With spring, the chance for beautiful motorcycle weather is growing. But drivers who hibernate with their machine should now take it easy – for safety's sake. "Anyone who returns to the bike in the spring after the long winter break has to get used to his machine again," says Achim Kuppinger, motorcycle expert at Dekra. "When it comes to balance, coordination, acceleration and speed, the bike has different requirements than your own car." You have to slowly get used to that after the break.

Therefore, some bikers will be ringing in the new season with exercises on a terrain separate from public transport. In braking tests, slalom and backcountry you can safely refresh your sense of the machine here. Even more comprehensively, motorcycle safety training prepares the driver for the new season.

This is especially recommended for those who want to start again after a longer bike break of a few years. Also targeted at this group are special recreational trainings from automobile clubs and manufacturers, where you can acquire the necessary routine to clear your head for predictive driving. Another option is to spend a few hours at a driving school.

Other road users also play a role: "Motorcyclists must also remember that motorists are not ready for the fast bikes with high acceleration in the spring and often react in a surprised way," says Kuppinger. "Every motorcyclist is also a motorist, and knows the problem from a different perspective." Here's what it means: "Turn on your head and actively watch out for the others." Motorcyclists should especially drive to intersections with more caution and pay attention when overtaking whether the motorist has seen the motorcyclist.

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