Mercedes-Benz E220d Coupé Driving Report from AutoHub

Mercedes-Benz E220d Coupé Driving Report from AutoHub


On Autohub, the YouTube channel of and with Bjoern Habegger, there are now 188 videos online. On our Throwback-Thursday, we went looking for his first video with Mercedes-Benz content. On 29.03.2017 Bjoern published the Mercedes-Benz E220d Coupé driving report on Youtube.

Mercedes-Benz E220d coupe driving report

Meanwhile, the 45-minute video has "retracted" over 28,170 views. In the video itself stingy "Habby" not with subjective expression and criticism. Added to this are technical data, information, a bit of history and also a bit of humor. The 45-minute review of the Mercedes-Benz E220d Coupé is entertaining and full of great shots by cinematographer Florian, who also showed on average that he can do more than just hard cuts and a few overlays.

"Habby" himself criticizes the design, the shape of the coupe and tells in the video how he would do it. In the video we also see how "Habby" gets into the coupe. So not in the front but in the back. It is undeniable that in a Mercedes-Benz E-Class Coupé on the front two seats sits better and has more space. This criticism shares the E-Class Coupe but with all competitors or market companions. But Bjoern also asks the right question: "Who is sitting in a coupé more often behind?"

A vehicle for connoisseurs!

The conclusion to the Mercedes-Benz E-Class Coupé by Bjoern is positive: "A vehicle for connoisseurs!" – at the end of the video, there will be something for connoisseurs too, namely the outtakes. Almost seven minutes of pure entertainment, one can not miss, because here we see the dialogue with "Habby" and the infotainment system. In fact, the new MBUX works a lot better and more intuitively.
The very first video from Bjoern "Habby" Habegger on AutoHub with Mercedes-Benz content is this Mercedes-Benz E220d Coupe test:

PS .: Currently this video has 279 Likes and 29 Dislikes, maybe he gets a few more reviews ?!

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