MOIA: "Europe's largest electric ride-sharing service"



The Volkswagen subsidiary MOIA launches public operation in Hamburg after a three-month test phase in mid-April 2019. Within 12 months this "to the largest all-electric ride-sharing service of Europe" to be expanded.

"It's the first million-dollar city to put our innovative offer for green, shared mobility on the road," says MOIA CEO Ole Harms. "Here we develop and perfect our system, which we want to bring from Hamburg into the world." MOIA bundles similar trips, which should increase the efficiency of road traffic and reduce noise, congestion and air pollution.

MOIA has raced more than 20,000 kilometers in the test phase since January. Above all, newly developed software, charging management and operational procedures were tested. At the same time, MOIA mapped several thousand virtual breakpoints for passengers entering and leaving the future Hamburg service area. By the end of the year, 1000 people are to be employed in Hamburg – currently there are 400.

For the start in April, initially a fleet of 100 MOIA Stromern based on VW technology is used, covering an approximately 200 square kilometer operating area including the Hamburg airport. "Over the next twelve months, the service area will gradually increase to 300 square kilometers and the fleet to 500 vehicles," announced MOIA. The medium-term goal is to cover the entire urban area.

MOIA initially has a depot near the airport for fleet operation. It has facilities for the cleaning and maintenance of 180 vehicles and social space for drivers and technicians. There are over 100 charging points at the depot to reload the batteries of the MOIA vehicles during shift changes and at night. A second depot is currently being built in the Horn district. Further depots are to be built over the next 12 months.

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