New – Glserne Fabrik as an automation hotspot

New - Glserne Fabrik as an automation hotspot


In the small frame in the Glsernen manufactory test – and then transferred into the Groserie: Following this system, the VW Dresden location established itself as a hotspot for the testing of innovative technologies.

The main focus is on the increasing automation of complex work steps during assembly. For example, in the Glsernen Manufaktur, robots will be rehearsed as part of the real production process of the e-Golf.

VW describes the current project as a world first: The headliner of the e-Golf is now being installed by a robot. "This production step will also be used in the production of the ID.2 from the end of 2019 at the Zwickau plant," said the Dresden VW subsidiary.

The goal is to achieve a 30 per cent improvement in productivity by 2025 compared to 2018 "in order to be competitive in the long term and to make a decisive contribution to improving the profitability of the Volkswagen brand," said its Chief Production Officer. Andreas Tostmann.

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