New – Porsche soft top beats elegant bow

New - Porsche soft top beats elegant bow


The Cabriolet Porsche 911 Carrera gets a high-tech soft top. And once again, the folding roof is a self-creation of the Swabians. Thanks to a new technology, a coupe-like roof vaulting of the closed fabric top is possible.

With almost identical lines as the coup, the fabric roof spans an elegant arc from the windscreen frame to the top of the convertible top. There are no deflectors under the fabric, nor are there any games that interrupt the flying design, the typical 911 Flyline – which also has aerodynamic advantages. Thanks to a new and lighter hydraulic roof drive, the convertible top can be opened and closed up to a speed of 50 km / h in approximately twelve seconds each.

The deciding factor for this form, which has long been unattainable with fabric covers, is the innovative construction as a so-called "flat-sheet roof top". The entire fabric roof – with the exception of the side parts – stretches over a solid roof surface made up of individual segments that adjoin one another directly. The four elements are the front roof frame, two wing archs and the rear window, whose frame, like the other segments, is made of magnesium. All frame components are kinematically coupled, so that only one hydraulic cylinder per side is required to move the top. When closing, Porsche relies on the proven central electric lock, which is supported by lateral centering pins.

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