New – The hit parade of used RVs

New - The hit parade of used RVs


Anyone looking for a used RV will quickly find their way to online portals. But what are the most popular models and brands? The trade magazine promobil has set up a hit list.

Accordingly, the Dethleffs trend is unchallenged at the top of the most popular used motorhomes. In second place follows with Sunlight as a semi-integrated and alcove model one of the two German Gnstig brands of the Erwin Hymer Group. And in third place comes the next Dethleffs, the compact model Globebus.

In fourth place is the Eura Mobil Profila. The name was formerly for alcoves and semi-integrated models, now it is only used for the latter. With Carado, the Sunlight sister brand is still among the top 5. On the other places: Eura Mobil Terrestra, Hymer Duo Mobile, Hymer Exsis-i / Exis t, Pssl 2Win and in tenth place of the Dethleffs Esprit.

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