The V-Class facelift: now with high-beam assistant Plus

The V-Class facelift: now with high-beam assistant Plus


With the facelift of the Mercedes-Benz V-Class, the High-Beam Assist Plus is now also available, which will be available as an option for the LED Intelligent Light System. In contrast to the previous system – which could only switch between dipped and high beam, the new high-beam assistant now also works adaptively.

The LED Intelligent Light System for the V-Class – in the model series 447 of the equipment line EXCLUSIVE standard equipment – can be optionally extended with the High-Beam Assistant Plus.

In contrast to the pre-model, the new high-beam assistant Plus can not only switch between dipped and high beam, but now works adaptively and regulates the light distribution as the traffic situation allows – with low beam, high beam or partial high beam. For this purpose, the other road users are left out of the cone of light and thereby blinded as little as possible. Recognized oncoming or preceding vehicles detects the system and continuously adjusts the headlight range to the distance so that the headlight cone ends in front of the oncoming vehicles.

The operation of the system remains the same – as well as the display for the driver in the instrument cluster – the same. The system itself is available for 214,20 Euro extra charge.

Images: Daimler AG

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