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Customer Focus Books | Training Programs >>That's Customer Focus

Customer Focus Books | Training Programs >>That’s Customer Focus


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Books and Workshops to build and sustain customer focus and service excellence throughout your entire organization.

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You will be able to develop and implement a detailed action plan for how you will maximize customer focus throughout your entire organization, department or team.

At the very least You will be able to:

According to a recent AMEX study, your customers are placing significant emphasis on their service experience with you and this is having a major impact on their buying decisions. The best time to start is right now!

We know you want value for your hard earned cash and you need a good reason before you spend it. Here are ten good reasons based on several independent research studies.

X.  Between 85% and  95% of senior business leaders believe that the next competitive differentiator is Customer Experience.  Implementing a comprehensive Customer Focus Strategy will give you a unique competitive advantage.

IX. Beyond price and quality, your customers value how they are treated. Only 12 -14% of customers leave for product reasons while 68% leave because of poor treatment by employees.

VIII. Only 4% of unhappy customers ever complain; 90% do not bother to complain and simply go elsewhere. Your customers are looking for maximum value when spending their hard-earned cash, particularly in this economy.

VII.  80% of companies believe they deliver a superior Customer Experience however only 8% of their customers agree. Your customers make their buying decisions based on their perceptions of your organization, not your perception.

VI. Companies lose 50% of their “satisfied” customers. “Satisfy” means providing nothing more or less than the customer expects. Customers want to deal with those who demonstrate that their business is valued. Creating a Customer-Focused Culture is a proven strategy for both short-term success and long-term growth.

V.  Keeping your existing customers is cheaper and more profitable than getting new ones. The average value of customers is 8 to 10 times their initial purchase. The cost to attract a new customer is 5 to 6 times the cost to save one.

IV.  The cost of poor service ranges between 25% to 35% of your operating expenses. Aligning internal processes and ensuring every employee understands how he or she contributes to the customer experience will reduce the cost of poor service.

III.  Customer Focus is a profit strategy. Low customer focus companies average a 1% Return on Sales and lose 2% market share each year. High customer focus companies average a 10 -12% Return on Sales and grow 5 – 6% a year.

II.   This book will help you to increase customer retention, create customer loyalty, and ensure sustainable long-term revenue. A 5% increase in customer loyalty will contribute between 25% and 125% directly to your bottom line.

I.  This book provides a detailed roadmap, clear instructions and useful tools which you can use to create and implement your own customer-focused strategy and implementation plan.

Here is what embedding customer focus can do for you.

The research we have studied and our own experience over the past 20 years clearly shows that any organization that chooses to implement a customer-focused strategy will at the very least:

I.       Build long-term revenue

II.      Win customer trust and forge long-term relationships

III.     Keep their customers when times are tough

IV.    Attract new customers  

V.     Differentiate themselves from their competition.

VI.    Bring out the best in their employees

VII.   Maximize operational performance

VIII.  Reduce operating expenses by eliminating the cost of poor service

IX.    Create a competitive advantage

Now That’s Customer Focus!

The practical strategies and detailed instructions in this book can help you to achieve these essential performance improvements.

You will be able to create and implement a customer focus strategy that gets the results you want and need.

So why not get your copy of That’s Customer Focus! today?

That’s Customer Focus!: The Overworked and Under-appreciated Manager’s Guide to Creating a Customer-Focused Organization provides you with all the essential information, examples and tools you will need to transform your organization into one which is truly Customer-Focused.

Whether you are a business owner, executive, manager or supervisor, this book will help you to create or sharpen Customer Focus throughout your entire organization.

Table of Contents and Outcomes

Chapter 1:   Customer Focus 101

 Chapter 2:  What is a Customer-Focused Organization?

Chapter 3:  Creating a Shared Vision and Service Values

Chapter 4:  Service Comes From Within

Chapter 5:  Customer-Focused Leadership

Chapter 6:  Training and Selection

Chapter 7:  Know Your Customers

Chapter 8:  Know Your Competition

Chapter 10:  Service Standards

Chapter 11:  Pro-Active and Effective Recovery

Chapter 12:  Reward and Recognition

Chapter 13:  Measuring Operational and Service Quality

Chapter 14:  Conclusion and Critical Action Items Checklist

Consultants would charge you hundreds if not thousands of dollars for the knowledge we provide you is this incredible resource.

Workshops also available!

Five amazing workshops and an online program to help you create and sustain customer focus in your organization.

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2. Every employee understands how this leads to customer retention, customer loyalty, customer advocacy and sustainable profitability.

3. Every action you and your employees take is based on a relentless commitment to meeting and exceeding customer expectations each and every day.

4. You constantly listen to the voice of your customers and change the way you do business in order to continually make it easier for your customers to do business with you.

5. You know your customer touch points and supporting internal processes and you constantly evaluate and improve these to reflect what your customers value.

6. Every one of your employees understand what he/she must do and is empowered to act in a manner which adds value to every interaction with both the paying customer and those within the organization that rely on them for their work.

… That’s Customer Focus!

You will find out  why each of these six outcomes are important and learn how to create and implement a practical and hands-on plan for achieving them in order to maximize customer focus.

Based on 20 years of hands-on practical expertise and extensive research of proven best practices, this book will enable you to develop and implement a comprehensive action plan for embedding customer focus throughout your entire organization, department or team.

We explain how to use proven “customer focus” best practices so you can:

Click here to view the table of contents and outcomes from each chapter.

Our e-book version is available through And, when you purchase our e-book you also get a 60 day money back guarantee which is as follows: . “ClickBank sells our products – they are a trusted online retailer specializing in digitally delivered products.”. ClickBank will, at its option, replace or repair any defective product within 60 days from the date of purchase. After 60 days all sales are final. ClickBank does reserve the right to alter or revise its return policy at any time.”

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What will this book enable you to do?

What are the Benefits of Customer Focus?

View the Table of Contents

Here are just a few reasons.

Customers consider their overall service experience to be more important than ever.

The need to embed customer focus throughout your organization is greater than ever. (Amex  Global Service Barometer)

This book gives you the facts on why customer focus is a winning business strategy.

You will learn what you need to do to deliver exceptional service, retain customers, earn customer loyalty, recover pro-actively and listen to the voice of the customer and  you will be able to use the detailed instructions in this book to transform your organization into one with exceptional customer-focus!

If you want more reasons, read on.

Workshops also available!

Five amazing training programs to help you create and sustain customer focus in your organization.

Click here to find out more

Want to find out how Customer-Focused you are?

Click here and complete a free online assessment to determine your current level of customer focus.

Want to find out how Customer-Focused you are?

Click here and complete a free online assessment to determine your current level of customer focus.

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