BMW M8 takes WEC podium and P4 in the 12h race

BMW M8 takes WEC podium and P4 in the 12h race


Sebring was the mecca for all American motorsport fans this weekend as the Florida circuit was the scene of two major races. It all began with the sixth round of the FIA ​​World Endurance Championship (WEC), in which the MTEK team launched two BMW M8 GTE cars. With places two and seven in the GTE Pro class, the M8 showed a strong performance, with Martin Tomczyk, Nick Catsburg and Alexander Sims narrowly missing the win.

No sooner had the engines faded, as the preparations for the 12h Sebring 2019 began. For the second race of the IMSA WeatherTech SportsCar Championship, the team RLL brought two more BMW M8 GTE at the start. Both cars rode in the lead group for most of the race, but at the end another podium with positions 4 and 7 was narrowly missed. By the way, Porsche had more reason to celebrate in Sebring: The Swabians celebrated the victory in both races and could look forward to an all-round successful weekend.

The votes and pictures for the WEC race in Sebring:

Jens Marquardt (BMW Motorsport Director): "What a thriller. It was an incredibly thrilling race, with a dramatic rain finale in the last 20 minutes, in which we narrowly missed the victory, but at the same time fought a very strong second place. Of course, after such a finale, you also want to be at the top of the podium, and of course it was a pity from our point of view that the race behind the safety car was over. But we still have positive emotions out there today, as strong as we have presented here. Congratulations to Martin Tomczyk, Nick Catsburg and Alexander Sims as well as to the whole team. Our second car was also good, even if it was not enough for a podium finish in the end. The fans in Sebring have experienced some great duels, the GTE Pro class has undoubtedly offered the most action in the field in an exciting and tight race. The atmosphere here is great, this is a unique event. Of course, on Saturday we also want to score another good result with the BMW Team RLL in the IMSA series. "

Ernest Knoors (Team Principal BMW Team MTEK): "It was great to come here to Sebring. The track is legendary, but you only know how special it really is once you get to know it. It was tough on the team, but she worked extremely well. In the test, the team had to deal with very high heat, it has learned a lot and put all this into practice in the race. Our pace was very good, but we had to deal with the tire wear. In the last hour to fight, we had planned. That's exactly what we did. It should not be in the end. Congratulations to Porsche for the win – it was a great duel. "

Martin Tomczyk (# 81 BMW M8 GTE, # 2): "All three of us had a smooth race and we can really be satisfied with our performance. The car was very good, especially when it got dark. The rain helped us a bit, but not enough. We were close to our first WEC win but the podium is great for the team and me as well. "

Nick Catsburg (# 81 BMW M8 GTE, 2nd place): "It feels great to finally be on the WEC podium. It was a crazy race – I just wish we could finish first. The team did a perfect job. Now let's party. "

Alexander Sims (# 81 BMW M8 GTE, 2nd place): "The race was a lot of fun. Our car had a good pace throughout the race and the team did a fantastic job – it just went well. The rain was another source of excitement, and Nicky did a great job at the wheel to get us second place. "

António Félix da Costa (# 82 BMW M8 GTE, # 7): "It was my first time at Sebring. It's a fantastic event, but it's extremely difficult to get to know the track in just a few days. As a team we worked even better than before. We had the chance to win today, but we did a double stint with the tires and lost some time. I'm really happy for the boys in the # 81 who got their first podium and the second podium for the team. "

Augusto Farfus (# 82 BMW M8 GTE, # 7): "It was a tough race, to be honest. I was happy with my first stint, the balance of the car was great. But we lost pace in the middle of the race. We tried to work our way back, but it just was not possible. But we have gained many kilometers and experience, which we now take to Spa and Le Mans. The other crew did a great job and we're happy to see them on the podium. "

Bruno Spengler (# 82 BMW M8 GTE, # 7): "It was a very good week, and I was thrilled to be racing for my first WEC race. It was a new challenge for me. Working together again with my former DTM team was fun, even though in the end we did not get the result we wanted. Congratulations to the team on the podium. "

The voices and pictures of the 12h Sebring 2019:

Jens Marquardt (BMW Motorsport Director): "After the WEC thriller on Friday it was a bit quieter for us in this race. Apart from the rain in the early stages, the 12 Hours of Sebring for our two BMW M8 GTEs ran without major incidents. However, the BMW Team RLL was not rewarded with a podium this time for its great commitment. Congratulations to Porsche for the victory, for us stood at the end of the positions four and seven to book. More was not possible today. Nevertheless, the sporting record on this weekend is very positive. The BMW M8 GTE left a very strong impression with second place in the LM GTE Pro class at WEC. Also in the IMSA series we were as competitive as in Daytona. That makes you want to race in the future – both in North America and in the World Cup. In any case, Super Sebring has been a lot of fun for us. Twenty years after our overall victory with the BMW V12 LMR, we have offered fans a lot to celebrate here. "

Bobby Rahal (Team Principal BMW Team RLL): "We got off to a great start today, each of us did a great job. For a while, it looked like it was raining more than just the beginning. That would have helped us, but then it did not come like that. Of course we would like to have landed further ahead. But we just did not have the pace like the top. Next, head to Long Beach. We'll see how we look there. "

John Edwards (# 24 BMW M8 GTE, 4th place): "It was pretty early to see that today we did not have the car to win. So we focused on the podium. But that too should prove to be a difficult task. We had a stint with less fuel than our competitors, so we had to save gas at the same time and push as well as possible. So I lost a seat to the Corvette and thus missed the podium. But we could collect some points for the championship. At least from last season we know that you do not necessarily have to win races in order to be at the top in the end. "

Jesse Krohn (# 24 BMW M8 GTE, 4th place): "That was a flawless race from the team. Everyone has done a great job in terms of strategy, and we've left the car in one piece. My teammates also showed a strong performance in some very difficult conditions. Today, our competitors could celebrate on the podium, but we gave everything we had. "

Philipp Eng (# 24 BMW M8 GTE, 4th place): "A podium would have been nice after all the hard work and our good performance. The whole team worked absolutely flawless today. We were on a good strategy and, in my view, made the most of our opportunities. I really enjoyed being on the # 24 BMW M8 GTE. Hopefully it'll work out the podium next time. "

Connor De Phillippi (# 25 BMW M8 GTE, 7th place): "We can take a lot of positives from this race and have learned a few things that should help us throughout the season. Overall, the guys worked very hard this weekend. That's why it's a bit disappointing not to be on the podium. But now we go to Long Beach and have the next chance there. "

Tom Blomqvist (# 25 BMW M8 GTE, 7th place): "We would have liked a different race result. The start in the wet was good, we had a strong pace. At times we were in the lead and could keep up with the other cars in the top flight. In the dry we have then hard for some reason. "

Colton Herta (# 25 BMW M8 GTE, 7th place): "It was a long and very exciting race. We fought and gave everything. We were good at the middle of the race, then we fell behind a bit. For me personally, the results are currently not that crucial, even more for me is to learn and do everything right. "

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