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At Auto Shanghai, Audi will present a design of a city electric car with automated level 4 driving capability – the AI: ME. At the center of the Stromer are comfort and a diverse entertainment and communication offer for the inmates.

The art name AI: ME refers to the relationship to the study presented in 2017 Audi Aicon for automated long-haul travel. With an outside length of 4.30 meters and a width of 1.90 meters, the AI: ME comes on the surface of a current compact vehicle. The interior dimensions are at least one class higher with a wheelbase of 2.77 meters and a height of 1.52 meters.

The drive unit sits on the rear axle of the AI: ME. "For the occupants, the compact drive package means a maximum of objectively available space, room comfort and a high level of variability," says Audi. The latest study of the Ingolstadt is designed as a "2 plus-x-seater": The layout allows various configurations for seating position and storage options, if necessary, can accommodate up to four people.

Audi has tailored the drive of the AI: ME to the range of applications of a city vehicle. On high acceleration and highway speed was omitted, also the curve speed and the range are not in focus. "An automobile like the AI: ME will mainly stay in the speed range between 20 and 70 km / h, and often have to stay mobile for hours without charging. However, high mileage ranges are less relevant than a well-usable mission time, "explain the developers.

The battery intended for the Audi AI: ME has a storage capacity of 65 kilowatt hours. In the area of ​​the rear axle, a permanently excited synchronous motor operates, which mobilizes 125 kW (170 hp) when needed. By means of brake recuperation and thanks to the comparatively low weight of the AI: ME should come to moderate urban energy consumption.

Artificial Intelligence & Autonomous Driving

The Audi AI: ME is designed for use in the city and driving on the so-called Level 4. The system no longer requires driver assistance, but is limited to a specific functional area – such as the motorway or a specially equipped area in inner cities. Here the driver can transfer the complete driving task to the computer. He only takes over again when the car leaves the area defined for fully automated driving.

The vehicle, communication and interaction systems are operated on the Audi AI: ME via "eye tracking", voice input and touch-sensitive fields in the door sill. Below the windshield is located on the entire width of a three-dimensional OLED monitor, which is mainly used for the look control. Function menus for navigation or infotainment can be activated at a glance and then release additional levels, which switch from the background to the sharp view mode on the 3D monitor.

Comfort & Entertainment

With the AI: ME, Audi shows how the company presents itself as "the perfect companion for use in urban agglomerations". The user orders the vehicle via app as a two- or multi-seater, if necessary, with a child seat. At the desired time, he finds his AI: ME at the agreed place and lets him stand after the ride. In suitably equipped zones the car should be driverless and between depot and customer address on the way.

For entertainment and other services, the entire Internet is available while driving. For the visual edition of the infotainment system VR glasses are on board, with them you can watch movies or use interactive games. Via a connection from the home network to the Audi AI: ME, you can continue to watch movies with the VR glasses where they were interrupted at home.

The Audi designers summarize their vision as follows: "The Audi AI: ME becomes a fixture in the personal digital biotope of its user. The annoying, daily journey from A to B is designed as a free space and adventure trip. Arrived at the destination, the users get off in a relaxed and good mood, no longer have to worry about a parking space or a charging station. The Audi AI: ME will find its way back to the depot by itself. "

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