Ford invests in solid-state battery startup Solid Power



The US battery company Solid Power has announced a new investment from Ford. Together, we want to bring solid state batteries for the next generation of electric cars to market.

Batteries with solid instead of liquid electrolyte are considered more efficient and safer than the usual lithium-ion solutions. The technology already works in the laboratory and in individual field applications, but is not yet sufficiently reliable and cost-efficient for mass-produced passenger cars.

Solid Power was created in 2012 around the University of Colorado Boulder, Colorado. In its most recent round of financing, the startup was able to secure investment of $ 20 million by the end of 2018. The financiers and partners include BMW and Daimler as well as Hyundai and Samsung.

Solid Power plans to ramp up its first fully automated production line this year. Compared to lithium-ion battery cells, the company hopes to achieve an energy density of up to 50 percent, future developments should further increase this.

"Solid-state batteries have the potential to help us build even safer and more powerful electric cars," said Ford. "Our involvement in Solid Power enables us to participate in a key future technology that includes the design and integration of smart electric vehicles could transform into the smart world of tomorrow. "

According to Solid Power, not only carmakers, but also various companies in other industries are interested in the energy storage systems under development, for example in the aerospace and medical sectors, as well as in the defense industry. In addition to more memory and security, the battery experts promise them less complexity and lower costs. Due to the fire-resistant cells can be dispensed with solid-state batteries on many, sometimes complex security measures.

Ford wants to bring in this country numerous new Stromer on the market. Initially, the focus will be on semi-electric hybrids, but the brand is also planning pure electric cars. Ford's new electric flagship will be a high-performance crossover launching the Ford Mustang at the beginning of the next decade.

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