New – A Harley on a heavenly mission

New - A Harley on a heavenly mission


Bon Scott would certainly have had a great time on this bike. This would probably have the legendary singer of the cult band AC / DC driven straight on the "Highway to Hell". Because the held in Mattbeige Chicano style custom bike with a number of gold-plated parts, a kreuzfrmig recessed in the rear fender backlight and airbrush Dornenkrnzen on the paint, is a real rarity.

This special bike was made on the basis of a Softail by Christoph "Chicken" Repp, boss of Harley-Davidson Wrzburg Village. He and the customizing expert Miroslaw "Miro" Kozlowicz have invested a total of around 2,000 man hours in the reconstruction. But the high-gloss craftsmanship also finds a not everyday customer. None other than Pope Francis receives this unique motorcycle.

At the end of June 2019, a so-called "Jesus Biker" will bring the rolling artwork to Rome where the "Holy Father" will sign it. The machine will then be auctioned in favor of a Missio project in Africa. "I am pleased to be able to sponsor this project and make a difference," says Christoph Repp. "Every now and then you have to make it clear to yourself that we live in a country where milk and honey are flowing, and it's important to me to give some of that happiness."

It is not the first bike to be handed over to the Vatican. Thus, Harley-Davidson has already brought two standard motorcycles to Rome in the past. They were then blessed by the Pope and subsequently also auctioned for a good cause.

The idea for the extraordinary action comes from Thomas Draxler, the founder of the Christian community of Jesus Biker. He has long dreamed of a motorcycle peace ride to Rome. As part of this seven-day "Peace Ride" with stage destinations at places of pilgrimage, the Wrzburger Custombike will now be transferred to the Eternal City.

By the way, all bikers, regardless of their faith, are invited to attend. You can register at Information about the "Pope's Bike" as well as further projects of Harley-Davidson Wrzburg Village can be found at Then it goes from the "Highway to Hell" directly on the "Stairway to Heaven".

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