New – designer above the rooftops of Nice

New - designer above the rooftops of Nice


A car is more than a mobile pedestal. In addition to technological finesse, the design plays an important role in sales arguments. Because whoever buys a car also buys emotions. In Milan and Nice, the Japanese brand Lexus is all about aesthetics. As part of Milan Design Week, Lexus again awarded an international design prize. Each year, a design that could make the world a better place is chosen. In the meantime, parent company Toyota let us look over the rooftops of Nice to the sanctum of design development.

Milan today offers more than fashion around Armani and Bulgari. The design week also turns out to be a mecca for furniture and car designers. Especially vehicle manufacturers have discovered the northern Italian metropolis for themselves. For example, the Korean carmaker Hyundai is presenting a world of sensory experience on the rather centrally located design fairgrounds. By laying on the hands, visitors can create innumerable shades of color – a symbol of the customer's greater ability to customize their cars.

VW and Seat hold the same yard as Volvo with the electric brand "Polestar". The small fairgrounds are bursting with imaginative jokes. For example, someone has created a historic-looking house façade that seems to detach itself from the building – optically decorated with elements reminiscent of a zipper, as if the old façade could be attached and detached as desired.

In the illustrious Milanese setting, Lexus now showed the brand's new light aesthetics. Mysterious choreographies with phosphorescent props took visitors to a new world of car design presentation.

The aesthetic spirit of Toyota is not based in Milan, but much more idyllic on the Cote d'Azur. There, they also design the tin dresses for the larger subsidiary Lexus. The designers work with the most beautiful views of the Maritime Alps and the Mediterranean – a panorama that has already inspired the artists Vincent van Gogh, Pablo Picasso and Marc Chagall.

Also Lexus chief designer Koichi Suga enjoys the southern French magic. The Japanese stands for a bold design beyond smoothness and courtesy. If Koichi Suga puts something on paper, then with dynamic, strong pencil strokes. On the projector, he prefers how to understand the design philosophy "Lfinesse" and shows no fear of corners and edges. And you can see that in the current Lexus models, which are no longer as good as the vehicles from the 1990s.

We enter the designer playground, a light brown wood open plan office with large windows facing nature. "We have a very small team," says Koichi Suga. And the working atmosphere, which the young designers enjoy there, looks pleasantly casual.

In addition to state-of-the-art computer screens and virtual spray guns for color experiments, there is also a lot of haptic: fabrics for interior design, for example. Pictures of models are in large notebooks along with many fabric patterns. The interior designers philosophize about individual combinations of shapes and colors, which could be typical for a particular model. For body and interior should fit the style and personality of real people.

In the halls of the creative blacksmith one encounters car sculptures like white ceramics. They come from the 3D printer. In turn, rough amounts of brown, loamy mass are available for body fine-tuning. Craft is now in demand: Modelers tirelessly scrape and scratch around the vehicle silhouettes – a technique that many car designers now use. But the new Lexus models are not sucked around, but aesthetically brushed a bit on riot. Because one should no longer be able to say about a Lexus: he was boring.

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