New – New Opel Corsa: Efficient lightweight

New - New Opel Corsa: Efficient lightweight


This year, the new Corsa will set off – and come up with an impressive weight. Because the Opel technicians have the small car subjected to a radical Dit: By devised to the smallest measures, the new Corsa has over its predecessor up to 105 pounds decreased – in this car class, this is a quantum leap.

More driving dynamics, less fuel consumption – these are the two decisive advantages of the Corsa, which is based on a completely new lightweight design. The Rsselsheimer proudly announce that the lightest version of the little one is even 20 kilos under the 1,000 kilo mark – and that, although it will give the Corsa only as Fnftrer.

More than 13.6 million Corsa have been built so far, the sixth generation will be available from summer. And as gasoline and diesel and for the first time also purely electrically driven. This is made possible by the multi-energy platform for small and compact cars from the PSA network. "The body of the newcomer weighs around 40 kilograms less than the predecessor model," says Opel. The particularly compact aluminum three-cylinder petrol engines weigh around 15 kilograms less than their four-cylinder predecessors. The aluminum bonnet of the new Corsa saves 2.4 kilos, the new seat together ten kilos. There are also new, lighter insulation materials.

The bottom line is that the mentioned 105 kilos less. In combination with a particularly sophisticated aerodynamics and efficient drives, this should noticeably reduce fuel consumption and thus CO2 emissions.

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