New – New ways to profitable PNV

New - New ways to profitable PNV


New technologies are creating great opportunities for public transport to increase its efficiency. Instead of devouring around three billion euros a year in subsidies, as in the past with a coverage ratio of just 76 percent, the PNV could soon become profitable.

At any rate, this is the result of a study by the management consultancy Roland Berger. Because: "There are a variety of ways to make public transport more profitable and at the same time more attractive to customers," said Roland Berger partner Tobias Schnberg. Control options range from the automation and electrification of the vehicle fleet through the use of robotic shuttles and ride pooling to the use of real-time data such as repair and maintenance planning.

Cost savings of up to 390 million euros, the experts predict, especially in major cities even a profitable operation possible. And that, although currently not all technologies are ready for use and ready for the market. Schnberg: "But development is progressing rapidly and the new technologies are opening up major opportunities for public transport to increase its efficiency."

The most profitable is the use of real-time data: technical vehicle data is transmitted directly to the operator, to solve problems faster and to avoid long maintenance intervals. "This alone can increase the cost recovery in major cities by seven percentage points," says the study.

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