New – Volvo: More security with the cloud

New - Volvo: More security with the cloud


When it comes to road safety, Volvo has been a guarantor of innovative systems for decades. Now the Swedes offer two safety systems that take advantage of the data of many Volvo drivers.

The two systems "Hazard Light Alert" and "Slippery Road Alert" have been available since 2016 in Sweden and Norway. As of model year 2020, they can also be retrofitted for the European market and for vehicles from model year 2016 onwards. Precondition for the equipment: the scalable product architecture (SPA) or the compact modular architecture (CMA).

"The exchange of real-time safety data between vehicles can avoid accidents," explains Malin Ekholm, head of the Volvo Cars Safety Center. "Volvo drivers are helping to make roads safer for others, and even benefit from timely warnings about potentially dangerous conditions."

The two systems automatically issue alerts to Volvo vehicles nearby as soon as the hazard warning lights come on or the sensors detect that the road conditions are slippery. Important: The data will be sent anonymously.

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