Simple testing and finding of car batteries

Simple testing and finding of car batteries


Dsseldorf, April 2019 – GS YUASA introduces two smart devices that make it easier for factories and dealers to test battery condition and find the right starter battery: the Battery Tester and the USB Smart Button.

With the Battery Tester
… GS YUASA offers the possibility to test 12 V batteries of cars, light commercial vehicles and motorcycles, which are installed for the regular use in a vehicle, up to 900CCA. It indicates the general battery condition and works quite simply: Connect terminals to the battery, use the Up / Down buttons to enter the cold start current (CCA) of the battery label, and the device will check the battery. After the test, one of the LED indicators on the device will illuminate, indicating the result: Green for good battery condition, Orange will require the battery to fully charge and retest, and red means to replace the battery. In addition, the LED display also shows the voltage of the battery and the actual cold start current.

The USB Smart Button
… helps you to quickly find the right battery and the right information to save time and money when searching for batteries. For a quick call up the website in the workshop simply press the smart button instead of having to manually enter the page manually. There you can then filter out the right battery based on a variety of information, such as vehicle identification number (VIN), make and model, cross-references and battery specifications. Thanks to intelligent logic, the system also prompts the user to confirm the equipment variant or features, if there are several versions of a particular vehicle. This ensures that the right battery is detected. For further assistance, users can also chat in real-time with a member of GS YUASA's technical team.

Company Contact
GS YUASA Battery Germany GmbH
Raphael Eckert
Wanheimer Strasse 47
40472 Dusseldorf
+49 (0) 211 417900

Press contact
Agency Lorenzoni GmbH
Sabrina Hausner
Landshuter Strasse 29
85435 Erding
+49 8122 55917-0

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