So large is the share of VW in global CO2 emissions



With Volkswagen's new focus on electric cars, the Group is increasingly focusing on the environmental and sustainability aspects of its global business activities. The Wolfsburg have calculated their current share of global CO2 emissions – this is significantly higher than previously known.

"We have calculated just how much we as a group have in terms of global CO2 emissions," says Volkswagen chief strategist Michael Jost in an interview with Wirtschaftswoche, "It's about one percent for cars and about one percent for trucks." The company's CO2 emissions are comparable to Germany's CO2 emissions. In the TV show Hard but fair CEO Herbert Diess recently spoke of one percent.

Volkswagen has stated that it intends to work and produce as sustainably as possible from now on as part of the turnaround on electric cars. The first model of the new Stromer Family I.D. For example, it is intended to be the first vehicle in the Group to be used on a CO2-neutral basis over the entire life cycle.

E-cars against global warming

According to automotive strategist Jost, global warming is a threat to civilization. "At four degrees global warming, the situation is no longer manageable," he said. Volkswagen's electric car offensive will make its contribution to limiting global warming to a maximum of two degrees.

Jost acknowledged that electric cars are also indispensable because of the increasingly stringent state CO2 requirements. The efficiency of combustion engines is considered almost exhausted, further improvements are possible only with high financial cost. Adjusting the portfolio to the new EU driving cycle WLTP costs Volkswagen a billion, said Jost.

After 2023 comes the new emission standard Euro 7, which for Volkswagen, according to Jost "due to the additional necessary technology, an additional cost of about five billion euros and each car will increase by 1000 to 2000 euros." While this could be passed on to the customer in an SUV, this is no longer possible with small cars. "First and foremost in this vehicle class, the use of burners is economically meaningless," said the Volkswagen Manager.

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