Oslo wants to charge electric car taxis wirelessly


In Norway's capital, Oslo, the world's first inductive, ie wireless, fast charging infrastructure for electric car taxis will be deployed. The use of alternative drive mode should be so comfortable, so that more companies switch to Stromer.

The project will install inductive pallets on taxi racks on taxi racks. Electric cars with a receiver attached to the floor of the vehicle can receive energy without direct contact with up to 75 kW. The technology is provided by the Finnish utility Fortum in cooperation with the US company Momentum Dynamics.

From 2023, all taxis in Oslo should be zero-emission vehicles, for new cars, Norway wants to enforce this two years later nationwide. According to Fortum, one of the biggest obstacles on the way to more e-taxis in Oslo is the infrastructure, as taxi drivers first have to find a free electricity filling station for charging and then wait there for the duration of the charging process.

"Time is money when taxi drivers do not work," says Ole Gudbrann Hempel from Fortum. With the wireless charging points provided by the company, electric cars will in future be able to supply electricity directly at the taxi stand while waiting for passengers.

The fact that inductive charging has not yet gained acceptance is due to the cost and complexity of the technology. One of the key challenges is the efficient transmission of electricity over the air. The associated energy losses were recently significantly reduced.

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