SPD wants to extend electric car premium by ten years


The purchase of a new battery or hydrogen electric car has been subsidized in Germany since mid-2016 as part of the "environmental bonus" with 4000 €. The funding, financed equally by the Confederation and industry, expires in June – the SPD is working to extend it.

"The purchase price for electric cars should be extended by ten years, so that all parties have planning security," said the vice-chairman of the SPD parliamentary group Sören Bartol the news agency Reuters, "If we want to put electric mobility on the road, we still need the premium."

Bartol is in favor of better aligning the premium with the range of electric cars in the future. The current funding measure merely distinguishes between models with battery or hydrogen drive and part-electrical plug-in hybrids. For the latter, the subsidy is 1000 euros less.

Since the introduction of the funding program, around 109,000 applications have been submitted for the purchase of a Stromer. The initiative is considered a flop, as the available funds of € 1.2 billion by the end of June are far from exhausted. To Reuters According to the calculations, the requested funding will amount to less than 500 million euros.

According to Bartol, there should be a "significantly higher subsidy for buying a fully battery-powered vehicle over a plug-in hybrid vehicle". The SPD politician also spoke out for a doubling of the purchase price for e-taxis and light e-utility vehicles to 8000 euros. "A stronger incentive to switch to electric cars for taxis and delivery services would provide better air and less noise in the inner cities," he said.

According to a spokeswoman, the Federal Ministry of Economics wants to announce "shortly" how the electric car purchase premium will continue.

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