Bernie Ecclestone: Formula E has the greater potential


Bernie Ecclestone spoke to journalists about his opinion on the electric car racing series Formel E. Although he still prefers the many years steered by him Formula 1, but the future belong to the electric drive.

"It's a different kind of entertainment, but Formula E is getting much, much better and bigger," says Ecclestone. "And the Formula 1 will suffer." Although the heart of the 88-year-olds continue to belong to Formula 1, if he were at the top today, the new electric competition would worry him.

If it was not about emotions, but only the business aspect, Ecclestone would opt for the formula E. "There's a higher chance for big, big expansion and more business opportunities," he said. In contrast, Formula 1 offers only limited potential for change today.

According to Formula E boss Alejandro Agag the Formula E is very successful. "We have more momentum than ever before, more manufacturers, more partners and more supporters. Our online numbers go through the roof, "he said last year. Soon, Audi, BMW, Porsche and Mercedes compete against each other. Nissan, Jaguar and the PSA Group also believe in the potential of the electric racing series.

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