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Daimler invests billions in alternative drive systems. The sports car brand Mercedes-AMG is also focusing on electrical engineering, with the focus initially on semi-electric Stromers. The first model with plug-in hybrid drive will be launched in 2020, reports Autocar,

"All AMG vehicles will also be available in the future with a plug-in hybrid option. Mild hybrids are not the strategy of AMG, because the emission savings are too low, "said Frank Overmeyer, who is responsible for the emission strategy at Daimler. Plug-in hybrids enable electric driving for several kilometers, and mild hybrid systems only increase the efficiency of combustion engines.

Mercedes-Benz already offers several plug-in hybrid vehicles with C-Class, E-Class and S-Class as well as GLC and GLE. By the end of 2020, a total of 20 models with limited electric range will be available, including compact cars such as the A-Class. The range of up to 50 E-kilometers possible with the current drive generation is expected to increase significantly soon.

AMG's upcoming plug-in hybrids are focused on improving performance and dynamics, while continuing to achieve the lowest emissions possible. The electrified performance models are marketed under the "EQ Power +" label. "EQ" is the new Stromer brand from Mercedes-Benz, which in the future will feature semi-electric and all-electric vehicles.

AMG will essentially adopt the Mercedes E-technology, much like burners. "The battery and the implementation itself, including the electric motor, will be the same," said Overmeyer. "You can realize a significant increase in power that reduces the range, but the driving experience will be better."

The Mercedes manager affirmed that AMG's cars remain a central part of the strategy, despite stricter environmental laws. "They are technical icons of our brand," says Overmeyer. "We should not forget that the new world, the electric cars, must be financed – and they are funded by our existing highly profitable vehicles."

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