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Pagani has confirmed to work on an electric car. The fact that the customers of the Italian supercar manufacturer currently do not ask for such a vehicle at all, founder Horacio Pagani worries headache, but does not hinder him in the implementation of the project.

"Our future project is a fully electric car for 2024", says Pagani in an interview with TopGear, "None of our customers or dealers are interested in electric cars. They do not want to know about it. They are not interested. It's a huge challenge for us, as nobody asks. "

Various manufacturers of high-priced and high-performance sports cars want to offer electric cars – including well-known names such as Ferrari, Porsche, and Aston Martin. Industry leader Tesla also wants to get involved in the segment. The benchmark for road-legal battery-powered cars has been enormously high since the launch of the 2020 Tesla Roadster.

Pagani cooperates with Mercedes-Benz on the combustion engine, while the small series manufacturer currently plans to use its own technology for its electric car. "At the moment, only we are behind the project. Pagani is not a group, the company is still 96 percent family owned. The brand can freely decide with whom it cooperates. Until further notice, everything will take place in-house. "

Pagani has been working on an electric car for over two years. It will soon start with tooling for prototype construction. For the development of batteries alone, tiny companies are investing up to 20 million euros compared to many competitors. Horacio Pagani has set itself ambitious goals: He wants to build one of the most powerful electric sports cars.

"The real challenge is the weight. The new Rimac C_Two is beautiful and impressive, but so heavy, "said Pagani, referring to the latest model of the Croatian startup Rimac, which among other things supplies electric cars to Porsche and Aston Martin. "The real challenge is to turn the electric car into a lightweight car. That's what Pagani customers want – a lightweight, beautiful-looking car with lots of details. "

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