VW is calling e-up! because of possible wet battery back


In addition to the e-Golf VW also offers an electric car version of the small car up! on. All e-up made up to and including March 2017! are now being called in contracted electric vehicles certified for electric cars.

As a reason for the recall called a company spokesman a "not optimally designed adhesive seam" in the housing of the high-voltage battery, reports the industry portal, The defect could cause moisture to penetrate. "Ingress of moisture is indicated by a warning indicator in the instrument cluster display," said the spokesman.

For the repair of the affected e-up! an additional sealing of the adhesive seam is provided from the outside with a wax protection layer. How much time the measure takes is unclear. According to reports, it is necessary to remove the battery, which means customers have to do without their vehicle for at least one day.

Punctures or accidents due to poor adhesive seam are not known according to VW.

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