Current fuel prices – gasoline price continues to climb

Current fuel prices - gasoline price continues to climb


For Germany's motorists at the gas station no all-clear in sight. According to a recent evaluation of the ADAC, they now have to pay more for gasoline refueling for the tenth consecutive week.

Accordingly, a liter of Super E10 currently costs a federal average of € 1,496 and thus about 0.2 cents more than in the previous week. For diesel, however, the upward trend in prices this week was halted: by 0.4 cents per liter, the price of diesel fell to 1.298 euros.

The price difference between diesel and Super E10 has thus increased again to almost 20 cents in the winter months following the approach of the two varieties. With the tenth rise in prices in a row, gasoline remains expensive in relation to the current price, according to the ADAC experts.

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