From today sales clearance for more C-Class engines

From today sales clearance for more C-Class engines

Starting today, some new engines for the C-Class – as a sedan, model T, as well as convertible and coupe in the year of change 19/1 ordered. Et al The C 300 de Diesel plug-in and the Mercedes-AMG C 43 4MATIC variant can be ordered from today.

From today – May 15, 2019, the following variants can be ordered:

as a limousine: 34.986,00 Euro

as T-model: 36.652,00 Euro

as Cabriolet: 43.988,35 Euro

as a limousine: 46,838.40 euros

as a convertible: 55,828.85 euros

as a limousine: 49.105,35 Euro

as T-model: 50,771.35 Euro

as a limousine: 54.192,60 Euro

as T-model: 55.858,60 Euro

as a coupe: 56,269.15 euros

as a convertible: 61,933.55 euros

as a limousine: 62,266.75 euros

as a T-model: 63,932.75 euros

as Coupé: 64,908.55 Euro

as Cabriolet: 70.572,95 Euro

We have already compiled the exact changes for the year of change 19/1 – for the C-Class sedan and the T-model here – for the convertible or coupé variant we have compiled the changes here.

Symbols: Daimler AG

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