New – The mix makes the clean mobility

New - The mix makes the clean mobility

Environmental protection does not work with a panacea: the mix makes it. At the 40th Vienna Motor Symposium (15 to 17 May 2019), Continental will be showing examples of how different drive variants can be further improved. The reality of the car's drive is variety.

"Since, for example, the requirements of a car driver in the countryside are very different from those of a city dweller, that is also consistent," says the technology company. Because with alternative drives, it depends on their intended purpose, and above all these would determine the markets, not just politics.

What helps the climate but already today, the clean diesel and gasoline engine combined with an electric drive. In addition to reducing emissions through the use of an electric motor in hybrids, the efficiency of the combustion engine can be further enhanced through intelligent innovations.

For the first time Continental introduces the "RingkatTurbolader" at the Vienna Motor Symposium. This highly integrated combination of turbocharger and catalytic converter is a novelty that should offer additional advantages compared to the separate installation of the individual components.

"Motorists choose the mobility that they need for their living conditions and their local environment," says Andreas Wolf, Head of Continental Powertrain. "We are in a general transformation in the drive sector and in the interest of unrestricted, clean mobility, we support all forms of drive." The task is to work on all levels and to mobilize every lever that makes mobility cleaner. That's why Continental is driving forward technologies for the entire drive mix.

The "RingkatTurbocharader", first presented in Vienna, is a further development of the "RAAX" turbocharger and the ring catalyst technology from Continental. After passing the turbine, the exhaust gas from the turbocharger flows into a conical mixing tube, at the end of which the exhaust gas mass flow is deflected and passes through the annular 3-way catalyst surrounding the mixing tube. In conventional turbochargers, the exhaust gas is greatly delayed when leaving the turbine – resulting in flow losses that cost efficiency. Unlike the RingkatTurbolader: The conical mixing tube allows a flow-calmed expansion.

Also on display in Vienna is the electric motor newly developed by Continental for the realization of a 48 volt high-power electrification. This electric machine delivers up to 30 kW of peak power and thus not only provides more torque to electrically assist the combustion engine and quiet, purely electric driving in the city, but also a nearly 2 times higher recuperation and thus more power fr energy-saving and emission-reducing operating forms. The total unit of e-machine and integrated inverter is extremely compact and should have an efficiency of more than 90 percent.

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