New – When Lambo makes the trek

New - When Lambo makes the trek

The name "Lamborghini" stands for super sports cars with plenty of horsepower under the hood. What many do not know: The history of the company began with the construction of tractors.

A dispute with Enzo Ferrari led the tractor manufacturer Ferruccio Lamborghini to start his own production of super sports cars. "Il Commendatore" is thus responsible for the fact that there are Lamborghini automobiles at all.

The construction of agricultural machinery and tractors was once the core business of Lamborghini. There were many large and small models in the portfolio of Italians, for example for use in the vineyards. Automobile and tractor production was quickly separated, and Lamborghini Trattori is successfully producing tractors in its 71st year.

The Lamborghini Centenario with 2,192 cc displacement, 3 cylinders and an output of 39 hp brings brisk 40 km / h as the highest speed. It was produced in a number of five copies worldwide as an anniversary model for the 100th Birthday by the family in memory of Ferruccio Lamborghini.

The year of construction is 1960, the ignition key is made of pure gold with flawless diamonds. TV new, German street license available for the price of stately 250,000 euros net. An original certificate is included, the design is by Adler Capelli. Three of the Raritten are already sold, so the company Trattori. This tractor is actually too much for the field work.

Fans of the luxury brand should visit the Climate Lounge Museo CCC in Eberhardzell. There are over 100 Lamborghini vehicles on display. Italian contemporary history to touch. The opening hours are Monday to Sunday by appointment, the entrance fee is 25 euros for adults and children under 14 years pay 10 euros. Under 6 years the offspring comes along for free.

If you bring the necessary change, you can buy a super sports car or a tractor here. And a Lambo-Trecker might also be something, if it means: Farmer is looking for a wife. For who could resist the name "Lamborghini"?

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