New – Benefits for natural gas trucks

New - Benefits for natural gas trucks


Up to 90 percent of particulate matter and about 80 percent of nitrogen oxide emissions can be saved by gas-powered trucks. Therefore, after the government subsidized energy-efficient lorries and their exemption from the Brummi toll, the opportunities for natural gas vans have now been further improved: through an amendment to the Driving Licenses Ordinance (FeV).

Thus, the B-license only allows driving vehicles with a total mass up to 3.5 tonnes. The revision of the FeV has increased this figure for alternative-powered vehicles to 4.25 tonnes. However, the additional mass may only be caused by the drive system, the payload remains unchanged.

"Alternative drive systems now also have a real chance in the market in this truck segment," Dr. Timm Kehler, CEO of the industry initiative "Zukunft Erdgas".

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