All pictures and information about the front-wheel drive F40

All pictures and information about the front-wheel drive F40

It rarely happens that a car manufacturer turns the technical concept of an established series as radically as in the case of the new BMW 1 Series 2019: The third generation internally called F40 leaves all previous USPs behind and follows the widespread compact class standard : Engine transversely, drive front, place behind.

But what sounds repugnant to some longtime BMW fan is, according to the conviction of those responsible, exactly what the majority of customers want: Finally, a BMW 1 Series, which can accommodate it in terms of space even without numbers games with the Golf. The same way the Munich went a few years ago at the generation change of the X1 and were rewarded despite initial criticism with significantly better sales figures.

BMW 1 Series 2019: All pictures and information about the front-wheel drive F40

On paper, the change in concept affects many places: Although the length shrinks by 5 millimeters to just 4.32 meters, the knee clearance in the rear increases by 33 millimeters. The trunk grows by 20 to 380 liters, with the rear seat folded down is a volume of up to 1,200 liters available. The width of the BMW 1 Series 2019 even increases by 34 millimeters, which is also noticeable in the interior: The elbow room at the front grows by 42 millimeters, in the rear it is after all 13 millimeters more than before.

The additional width also plays a role in driving dynamics, because with the outer width, the front track also grows by 30 millimeters. By contrast, the wheelbase is shrinking by 20 millimeters, which results in slightly larger overhangs with a total length of only 5 millimeters less. Even these figures clearly show how much effort the developers have made, so that the new BMW 1 Series F40 can stand for driving pleasure. The goal is clear: The 1er 2019 should remain class benchmark in the field of driving pleasure.

Probably the most important ingredient for this is the name ARB and we have already tested it in Miramas: The active wheel slip limitation makes the braking on the front wheels, which is often required under high load on front-wheel drive vehicles, far less noticeable due to earlier and faster cycled measures. Together with the elaborate suspension ARB should make a decisive contribution to ensure that the BMW 1 Series F40 meets the driving dynamics requirements of most customers easily – even if you know very well in Munich that you can not convince die-hard trailer of the rear-wheel drive with an optimal front-wheel drive.

The power of the new 1 Series comes from three and four-cylinder engines with 1.5 to 2.0-liter displacement. The entry is the three-cylinder from 116d and 118i, ranked above the four-cylinder engines of 118d, 120d and M135i. The latter two models are fitted as standard with xDrive all-wheel drive, and later, the additional drive for the rear wheels realized with the aid of a Haldex V clutch will also be available for other models such as the 118d.

The much more important role as occasional performance oversteer plays for most customers, the interior, which is why the Munich have put up here fully. A clear role model and indisputable parts supplier was the new BMW 3 Series G20, which has received much praise in recent months for its high-quality material mix and clean processing.

From the 3 Series, the BMW 1 Series F40 also takes over the infotainment system iDrive, which is being introduced in the compact class with the latest software version 7.0. The standard version also includes two classic analogue round instruments, which are placed around a 5.1-inch display. A 8.8-inch display is already standard equipment in the middle of the dashboard.

On request, two 10.25-inch displays are installed on which the driver and his passengers can read countless information. Optionally, a head-up display with 9.2-inch diagonal screen is available, the content projected into the driver's direct field of view and can use much more space than for example a Mercedes A-Class. The infotainment package also includes the BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant, which can be activated by voice input "Hey BMW".

The change in concept and the hoped-for effects on the sales of the 1 series will be seen in the second half of the year: the market launch is scheduled for 28 September 2019, so the fourth quarter should already provide some insights.

BMW 1 Series 2019: F40 engines at market launch at a glance

118i | R3 B38 | 140 hp | 220 Nm | 8.5 s | 213 km / h
116d | R3 B37 | 116 hp | 270 Nm | 10.3 s | 200 km / h
118d | R4 B47 | 150 hp | 350 Nm | 8.4-8.5 s | 216-218 km / h
120d xDrive | R4 B47 | 190 hp | 400 Nm | 7.0 s | 230 km / h
M135i xDrive | R4 B48 | 306 hp | 450 Nm | 4,7-4,8 s | 250 km / h

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