More photos and official M135i launch video

More photos and official M135i launch video

In addition to the official beauty shots in the open air, we have a few more shots showing the new BMW 1 Series F40 in the camouflage workshop and in the studio. In addition, there is an official launch video for the BMW M135i, which shows the 306 hp M Performance variant in action and also conveys further impressions of the sound of the turbo four-cylinder engine.

The photos show the third generation of the compact class from Munich from different perspectives, which makes one or the other detail look very different. Our interior photos also show details like the illuminated interior trim, which does not allow this feature to be viewed in daylight and only provides a special look in the dark. There are six colors and different intensities to choose from.

The prices for the BMW 1 Series F40 start at 28,200 euros on 28 September 2019. Thus, the new is at least a bit more expensive than its predecessor, at least when looking at the basic price, but the standard equipment is much more extensive.

(Direct link to video for mobile users)

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