Prices from 28,200 euros for 118i with front-wheel drive

Prices from 28,200 euros for 118i with front-wheel drive

Not only when the new BMW 1 Series F40 celebrates its market launch in September 2019, the question of the price for many interested parties will be the focus. Even if there is no official price list, we can already reveal the basic prices of the five engines available at the beginning and thus offer at least a good orientation.

The BMW 118i with its three-cylinder engine, manual six-speed gearbox and front-wheel drive marks the entry into the world of the third generation. The prices for the entry-level 1 start at 28,200 euros and are thus over 1,000 euros over an identically motorized 1er of the previous generation: The 118i F20 was last available at prices from 27,150 euros.

BMW 1 Series 2019: Prices from 28,200 euros for 118i with front-wheel drive

The cheapest diesel is, as usual, a bit more expensive: For a new BMW 116d with three-cylinder engine, the Munich account for at least 29,900 euros, which is 650 euros more than its predecessor. The cheapest four-cylinder is the 118d, which is even 1,150 euros above the F20 with a base price of 32,400 euros.

Top diesel and cheapest all-wheel-drive is the new BMW 120d xDrive, which is always equipped with eight-speed automatic transmission. The base price of 38,400 euros is 200 euros below the level of its predecessor, which was only available in conjunction with the equipment package Advantage and therefore always something better equipped than the basic models.

The undisputed top model, the BMW M135i xDrive, costs at least 48,900 euros at the start of the market at the end of September. Thus, it is at first glance significantly cheaper than the last 50,550 euro expensive BMW M140i xDrive, but the customers also get 34 hp and two cylinders less. It should also be noted that there were the previous M140i with only two driven wheels, so the base price for the five-door was last at 48,500 euros. From today's perspective, almost unbelievable: At the time of the launch of the M135i F20, the three-door with manual transmission and rear-wheel drive already available from 39,850 euros.

How prices are adjusted for equipment can not be assessed without the complete price list. The only details that are certain are the standard infotainment display in the BMW 1 Series F40, which is already 8.8 inches tall – while the expensive navigation system Professional had to be ordered in the F20 for that much screen size. Assistance and safety systems such as the city emergency brake function and lane departure warning with active feedback are also included in the base price.

BMW 1 Series 2019: F40 prices compared to the F20

BMW 118i F40: from 28,200 euros (F20: 27,150 euros)
BMW 116d F40: from 29,900 euros (F20: 29,250 euros)
BMW 118d F40: from 32,400 euros (F20: 31,250 euros)
BMW 120d xDrive F40: from 38.400 Euro (F20: 38.600 Euro)
BMW M135i xDrive F40: from 48,900 euros (M140i F20: 50,550 euros)

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