All pictures and information about the Kombi G21

All pictures and information about the Kombi G21

Clear the way for Europe's most important 3-seater variant: With the new BMW 3 Series Touring G21, the station wagon will finally be on the market in the autumn of 2019, and many customers have been waiting for it since the launch of the sedan, not just in Germany. The sixth generation of the practitioner goes back to the idea of ​​Max Reisböck, who developed the first 3 Series Touring on his own more than 30 years ago, thus laying the foundation for a body variant that has long since become indispensable.

With the BMW 3 Series Touring G21, the mid-range station wagon is becoming more versatile, higher-quality, smarter and more dynamic than ever before. The majority of these properties he owes the sedan G20, which is used as usual as a technology dispenser for the station wagon and has evolved significantly compared to its predecessor. Since more than 500,000 vehicles were sold by the predecessor F31 alone, the bar is also high for the new G21: If everything goes according to plan, the two-millionth 3 Series touring will be sold in three to four years.

BMW 3 Series Touring 2019: All pictures & information about the Kombi G21

While infotainment, materials and driving dynamics are practically indistinguishable from the sedan, it looks different from the B-pillar: Under the extended roofline put more headroom for rear passengers and especially a significantly versatile usable trunk, the volume of 500 offers up to 1,510 liters. Both values ​​are just above the level of its predecessor F31, which offers 495 to 1,500 liters of storage space. The interior is even more airy when the optional panoramic glass roof with an area of ​​0.8 square meters is installed.

In detail, the luggage compartment is up to 11.2 centimeters wider and can be loaded more conveniently thanks to the larger loading opening: with the tailgate open, the opening is three centimeters higher and in the upper area up to 12.5 centimeters wider. The as in the predecessors also in the new G21 continue to open separately rear window is also up to 20 millimeters wider than the F31. Loading the only 616 millimeters high loading edge and reduced from 35 to 8 millimeters edge to the boot floor easier. Rubberized and inflatable rails in the floor of the boot effectively counteract the slippage of larger objects. The folding function of the standard 40:20:40 divisible back seat can also be triggered electrically on request.

Compared to the predecessor of the BMW 3 Series Touring G21 is not only inside, but also outside a bit larger: length, width and height grow by 7.6, 1.6 and 0.8 inches to 4709, 1827 and 1470 millimeters. The wheelbase increases by 4.1 centimeters, the track also grows front and rear. On request, the new paint job in Blue Ridge Mountain contributes to the new look, which we see in the first photos in conjunction with Luxury Line.

As expected, the BMW 3 Series Touring offers the same comprehensive range of safety and assistance systems as the saloon. Thanks to the wider track on both axles, low center of gravity and 3-typical balanced weight distribution, the station wagon promises plenty of driving pleasure. The fact that the weight in comparison to the notchback 3 Series slightly more than 100 kilograms, take touring customers for over three decades gladly in purchase.

BMW 3 Series Touring G21: Luxury Line & Blue Ridge Mountain:

BMW 3 Series Touring G21 with M Sport Package:

BMW 3 Series Touring G21: All engines at a glance:

318d Touring: 150 hp | 320 Nm | 8,8-8,9s | 214-216 km / h | 4.3-4.9 l
320d Touring: 190 hp | 400 Nm | 7.1-7.5s | 229-230 km / h | 4.4-4.8 l
320d xDrive Touring: 190 hp | 400 Nm | 7.4s | 225 km / h | 4,6-4,9 l
330d xDrive Touring: 265 hp | 580 Nm | 5.4s | 250 km / h | 5.4-5.6 l
320i Touring: 184 hp | 300 Nm | 7,6s | 230 km / h | 5.8-6.3 l
330i Touring: 258 hp | 400 Nm | 5,9s | 250 km / h | 6.0-6.4 l
330i xDrive Touring: 258 hp | 400 Nm | 5,8s | 250 km / h | 6.3-6.6 l
M340i xDrive Touring: 374 hp | 500 Nm | 4,5s | 250 km / h | 7.1-7.5 l

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