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Audi recalls electric cars because of short-circuit danger


Audi has been delivering its first electric car e-tron in Germany since the end of last year. In the US, the battery SUV rolls since April on the streets, there are now hundreds of customer vehicles back to the workshops. The reason is a possibly faulty seal that could allow moisture to enter the battery system.

"This could lead to a short circuit or, in extreme cases, to a thermal event," Audi said in a statement. The manufacturer emphasized that so far no such incident had become known. Audi also pointed out that it had opted for a voluntary recall. Almost 1,644 vehicles were affected, of which 540 were already handed over to US customers.

The necessary repairs to the e-tron are expected in August, Audi said. The customers would be contacted as soon as the callback starts. Vehicles not affected by the sealing problem will continue to be delivered, while the reservation system for new orders remains active, emphasized Audi.

Loud Automotive News If the defective part is a cable seal between the charging port and the battery of the e-tron. The component is only installed on individual copies of the electric Audi. If the ingress of moisture is detected by sensors, a yellow warning light lights up, said Audi-US spokesman Mark Dahnke. If this is the case, the vehicle should be immediately parked outdoors and switched off. Subsequently, the vehicle should no longer be charged and towed by Audis customer service.

Dahnke said Automotive Newsthat at about five e-tron in Europe you have registered an active yellow warning light. US customers have not noticed so far. The company is not aware of any fire development or even accidents. If the e-tron does not report any errors, the vehicles affected by the recall could continue to be safely used. Alternatively provide Audi USA to repair a replacement car with combustion engine and a fuel voucher in the amount of $ 800 available. Affected customers should also receive a paid service package.

Whether it will come in Europe to a recall of Audi e-tron, is not yet known. The manufacturer has not responded to requests so far.

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