Electric car leasing from ADAC & Renault in high demand


The ADAC sells leasing offers for electric cars in cooperation with individual manufacturers. The offer started with the BMW i3, currently the Renault ZOE is advertised. According to the automobile club, the action is extremely successful.

Since the beginning of the leasing cooperation with Renault in September last year, more than 1,500 members have decided to lease the ZOE, the ADAC said. To classify: Since its market entry, the battery-powered Frenchman has been purchased in Germany over 20,000 times. By the end of April, the vehicle had a total of 21,449 registrations. In the period of cooperation between ADAC and Renault, there were 6585 approvals by April alone.

"The strong demand is also reflected in the high response to the 24-hour test drive, which is possible for interested parties free of charge via the network of participating Renault partners," said the ADAC.

The ZOE lease has recently been renewed: ADAC members will receive the electric car until the end of September at special rates with a leasing installment starting at € 99. There are also costs for the monthly battery rental from 59 euros and a special payment of 1500 euros. In the basic version with 22 kWh battery, the ZOE manages to load 168 kilometers according to the new WLTP standard.

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